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Atlantic City Travel Guide

Uncomplicated, no nonsense vacations guide to the AC.
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February 17, 2024
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Atlantic city waterline aerial view
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Listen up, people who love fun but kinda hate Vegas. We’re talking neon lights that don’t induce seizures, beverages that don’t bankrupt you, and pool parties without the creepy hangers-on. We’ve got two words for you: Atlantic City.

Before you click away because you assume AC is all smoking casinos and bachelorette parties gone wild, hear us out. Atlantic City gets a bad rap when really, it’s just misunderstood! Yes, there are dice games and strip clubs, but there’s also wholesome fun to be had on the historic boardwalk, beachside bliss, and maybe even a dolphin show if you visit the aquarium and said dolphins are feeling extra peppy.

AC has glitz, glam, kitsch, and then some. Where else can you stay in an underwater-themed hotel, play Ski Ball until dawn, and eat saltwater taffy until you’re sure you’ll never have to floss again? And no offense to beach towns full of ukulele music and art galleries, but Atlantic City keeps it real. Like, you’re gonna have funnel cake for breakfast real. And we fully support that!

From grubby arcades to luxury spas, Atlantic City is like Vegas’ little sister who just got asked to prom. She puts on quite the party even if things get a little messy. And leftover pizza for breakfast can cure even the worst hangovers, are we right? So skip Sin City and come hang with AC – you’re guaranteed to let loose and have the time-of-your-life kind of adventure you’ve been craving!


About Atlantic City

Atlantic City skyline
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Located on New Jersey’s Atlantic coast, the resort city of Atlantic City is famous for its famous Boardwalk, wide beaches, and many casinos. The city was first founded in the 1800s as a health resort and has since evolved into a hotspot for gambling and high-end shopping. Its glitzy high-rise hotels and casinos provide everything from spa treatments to performances by world-famous acts.

During the early twentieth century, Atlantic City underwent a rebirth, as it replaced its small boarding houses with large hotels. Some of the most notable hotels in the area include the Marlborough-Blenheim and the Traymore Hotels. The casino industry, however, was severely hit by COVID, which will come into effect in 2020 and 2021. Today, Atlantic City’s casinos have experienced a decline in revenue, making them difficult to stay open.

Before the arrival of the first settlers, the town was home to the Lenape Indians. This Algonquian-speaking tribe named the island Absegami, which means little water. They also named the shore opposite the island, Absecon Island. During the early colonists, the island was only accessible by boat.


Why Go to Atlantic City

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Atlantic City is a great vacation spot for those who enjoy the thrill of gambling. The city is home to some of the country’s finest casinos. The gaming district is second to Las Vegas in size. There are several casino games to choose from, and it’s important to learn the rules of each game before playing. It’s also important to know when to walk away from a game. There are several ways to get around Atlantic City.

Once a popular resort town, Atlantic City has undergone a decline in its popularity. In the 1960s, the city’s boardwalk was a popular destination for white middle-class vacationers, where they enjoyed the nightlife, speakeasies, and chance sexual encounters. After the 1970s, however, Atlantic City was hit with a general urban crisis. The increase in car ownership reduced vacationer traffic, and the population declined significantly. Grand seafront hotels faced demolition, but casinos saved the day.

Atlantic City is located about two and a half hours from New York City. The bus ride will cost you about $45 for an open-ended round-trip ticket. Once in Atlantic City, you’ll receive $20 worth of free slot play.


Best Time to Go

Atlantic City New Jersey USA
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The best time to visit Atlantic City depends on what you want to do and the weather. The summer months, from May through September, are the most enjoyable for outdoor activities and swimming. During this time of year, temperatures typically hover around 75°F. However, if you want to enjoy the sea breezes and a more laid-back atmosphere, consider visiting the city during the spring or fall.

Although the warmer temperatures make for more pleasant weather, the summer months are also the most expensive. Many families flock to Atlantic City in the summer, which means more visitors and higher hotel prices. As temperatures drop in the fall, crowds thin out and prices fall. In addition, some attractions close their doors for the season, which makes for a more relaxing visit.

Although spring and fall are ideal months to visit Atlantic City, the best time to go will depend on what you’re looking for. Generally, it is best to avoid the extreme heat and humidity of the summer months. The winter months are milder and the weather is dry, although temperatures can drop to below freezing. However, there are a number of seasonal activities to enjoy in Atlantic City year-round.


How to Get Around

Atlantic City, New Jersey
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If you are planning to visit Atlantic City, you should know how to get around by public transport. Public transportation is relatively limited, and you can either walk or ride on a minibus. However, if you’d prefer to take your own car, rental agencies have offices at the city’s airports. The Atlantic City International Airport is located about 15 miles northwest of downtown AC.

There are several ways to get around Atlantic City, including taxis. Most of the attractions are walkable. You can also hire a rolling chair and explore the boardwalk on foot. These chairs run along the boardwalk and cost about $5 each. Alternatively, you can hail a taxi or call one online. Both methods will cost you about $13 plus a tip.

Bus service from Philadelphia is another convenient option. NJ Transit offers regular train service from Philadelphia to Atlantic City. A one-way ticket costs $10. The trip takes about an hour and 30 minutes. If you are coming from New York, you can take Amtrak to the 30th Street Train Station in Philadelphia and transfer to the ongoing Atlantic City Rail Line. If you’d rather drive, take US Highway 9 from Philadelphia. It’s a slower option but will take you to the city.


Best Restaurants

Best Restaurants in Atlantic City

If you’re looking for a place to eat and play in Atlantic City, New Jersey, there are several great options. There are many famous restaurants here, but there are also newer ones. Whether you want to eat fresh seafood or steaks, there’s a place for you. In addition, you’ll find many restaurants that offer great drinks and food. If you’re planning a trip to Atlantic City, you’ll want to explore the food options here, from casual to classy.

Borgara’s Izakaya is inspired by traditional Japanese pubs, and chef Michael Schulson spent some time learning about the concept. At this casual restaurant, you can order small plates and a tasting menu. The food is made with fresh ingredients and you can try a variety of Japanese sake.

The Continental is another excellent dining spot that brings international cuisine to the Atlantic Coast. This restaurant serves breakfast and lunch and is also open for happy hour, where you can enjoy cocktails for $5. For dinner, you can try Cantonese ribs, French onion soup dumplings, and Teriyaki filet mignon.


Things to Do

Atlantic City
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Atlantic City is a vibrant beach town known for its Boardwalk. This five-and-a-half-mile stretch of beach has plenty to offer tourists, including restaurants, shops, and attractions. Atlantic City also offers water sports and a chance to try your hand at surfing. You can join a private lesson or join a group. Beginners and advanced surfers can take advantage of the many lessons offered by the Atlantic City Surf School.

Atlantic City also has two excellent war memorials. The first was built in 1922 to remember those who lost their lives during the Great War. The rotunda of the memorial is particularly impressive, displaying a beautiful sculpture of Liberty in Distress. A second memorial is the New Jersey Korean War Veterans Memorial, which is dedicated to those who served during the Korean War. It is a moving tribute to those who lost their lives during the conflict.

A visit to the African American Heritage Museum is another great option. This museum was established by the late Ralph E. Hunter, who had a passion for African American art. Visitors will be able to admire a wide range of African-American art and culture. The museum also has many exhibits from different sources, including books, paintings, and marketing propaganda.


Neighborhoods to Know

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If you’re planning a trip to Atlantic City, you should consider spending some time exploring the different neighborhoods. The city’s neighborhoods offer different features and amenities to make your stay worthwhile. In addition to a variety of restaurants, hotels, and shops, there are also lots of ways to get around.

The most popular part of the city is the Boardwalk, which is lined with casinos and resorts. In addition, this is also the most affordable part of town, with median house values that are much lower than the US average. In fact, you can buy a house in Atlantic City for much less than you’d spend in Upper Darby, PA, or Lemoore, CA!

There are several neighborhoods in Atlantic City, including Ducktown, Chelsea, the Marina District, and Venice Park. While the majority of homes in the city are apartments, townhouses, and condos, single-family homes are also available in less-developed areas. If you’re looking for a home in a less developed neighborhood, you can check out the Marina District, or Venice Park, both of which are located near downtown.



Atlantic City, New Jersey Skyline
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The climate in Atlantic City, NJ is primarily moderate. The clearest months are July and September, and the cloudiest months are November and January. The current temperature in Atlantic City is 59°F. Wind speeds vary, with the highest recorded sustained winds occurring early to mid-February. The visibility is approximately 10 nautical miles.

Atlantic City has a varying climate, influenced in part by the body of water it borders. Because of the large lake located near the city, the average water temperature varies significantly over the year. Nevertheless, the mean wind speed in Atlantic City is typically below 1.0 mph. The map also indicates the percentage of hours spent in the four cardinal wind directions.

Summer temperatures in Atlantic City are moderate, with the average temperature rarely going above 90°F. It is possible to experience 90°F of heat anytime between May and September, but this is rare. In winter, half of the nights are frosty, with the average number of frosty nights being 56. During the warmer months, Atlantic City casinos offer discounts to visitors, making it an ideal time to visit.







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