14 Best Things To Do in Paris

Explore the wonder of Paris, the best of all worlds.
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October 29, 2022
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Paris is one of the best cities in the world.

It's beautiful and romantic, has delicious cuisine and wonderful attractions. It's always been a popular tourist destination, but it now draws people from around the globe because of its thriving economy and cultural diversity. You can find just about anything your heart desires here: high fashion, great food, art galleries that show famous works by Picasso or Monet, and, best of all, tons to do!

It's best to visit Paris between April and October.

That doesn't mean we want to stop you from visiting year-round, but it does tend to be cold and rainy during the winter months. You'll still find some great things to do in the chilly weather, though, so go for that romantic walk through the city or take a scenic drive outside of town!

So, you might wonder…


What are the best things to do in Paris?

You can't really know Paris until you've walked through the streets of Montmartre, seen Notre Dame up close, or eaten your weight in crepes at the Place du Tertre.

So, lace up those walking shoes and get ready for an adventure! This article will tell you all about the best things that are waiting just outside your door or on some corner not too far away from where you're staying.

We'll start with what's right near our apartment: The best coffee shops in Paris

1. Have a drink at the best coffee shops in Paris

have a drink at the best coffee shops in paris

Nothing beats starting the day with a delicious cup of coffee, and Paris has some of the best spots to do just that. If you're looking for the best places to grab your caffeine fix in town, check out LE BAL Café Otto.

About LE BAL Café Otto

When you travel, you will want to drink coffee and eat brunch at LE BAL Café Otto. The restaurant is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. It is located on the ground floor of an arts building, and its terrace is a delightful place to sit and enjoy the weather. The coffee is excellent, and you can even buy a book to take home.

While the decor is elegant, the food is basic, and the prices are on the high side. However, you should still consider this a place to grab a caffeine fix if you're traveling to Paris. The French are known for their love of coffee, and they have a great selection.

LE BAL Café Otto is famous because it offers an eclectic menu of British and French fusion cuisine. You'll find kippers, scones, porridge, eggs, bacon, and Welsh rarebit, as well as other comfort foods, including a burger and fries, at the cafe.

Once you've had your fill of what's around you, it's time to venture out a bit further and check out some of the famous landmarks that Paris is known for: The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, and Notre Dame.


2. Explore famous landmarks

explore famous landmarks
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The Eiffel Tower

One of the best things to do in Paris is to visit some of the best landmarks in town, starting with the Eiffel Tower. It's a popular tourist attraction that stands about 324 meters tall and was built in 1889. If you go up, you'll have a 360-degree view of the city from its two observation decks.

The Louvre

The best museums in Paris are located at the Louvre, which is one of the best places to explore if you're looking for things to do in Paris. It's one of the best museums in town because you get to see some of the most famous works of art that have ever been created, including "The Mona Lisa" and "The Winged Victory of Samothrace."


Notre Dame

The Notre Dame Cathedral is a beautiful Gothic cathedral that's located on the Île de la Cité in the River Seine. It's one of the most popular tourist destinations in Paris, so expect to see lots of people there! The best time to visit is during Mass or when the sun is setting and the lights are shining on the cathedral.

The Arc de Triomphe

The best things to do in Paris also include visiting some of the best monuments and arches in town, and the Arc de Triomphe is a great one to check out. It was built in 1806 to commemorate Napoleon's military victories and is best known for the giant golden statue on top of it.

But don't stop there-there are plenty of other things to see and do in this amazing city! Like:

3. Wander the streets of Montmartre

wander the streets of montmartre
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Montmartre is an 18th-century district in Paris that's located on a hill in the north of the city. The best way to explore it is to wander the streets and take in all of the beautiful sights and sounds.

Be sure to check out the Basilica of Sacré-Coeur, which offers some of the best views of the city, and grab a bite at one of the charming restaurants or bistros that are scattered throughout the area.


4. Sample some delicious French cuisine

sample some delicious french cuisine

Whenever you're in Paris, you have to experience some of the best French food that the country has to offer. Be sure to check out some of the best bistros in the city, like L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon and Auvergne, and indulge in some of the best dishes that France has to offer, like steak frites, onion soup, and crème brûlée.

5. Eat your weight in crepes at the Place du Tertre

eat your weight in crepes at the place du tertre
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The Place du Tertre is a square in Montmartre that's best known for its restaurants and creperies. If you're looking for a delicious French treat, this is the place to be! Be sure to check out the best crepes in Paris and what they taste like.

6. Listen to some live jazz at a Parisian club

listen to some live jazz at a parisian club
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If you love jazz and want to see some live music, Paris is one of the best places to be. There are so many jazz clubs in Paris that offer up late-night jam sessions with some of the best musicians in town.

Some of our favorites include Le Caveau des Oubliettes, Duc Des Lombards, and L'Etage.


7. Explore Paris by day and night!

explore paris by day and night
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You can find the best things to do in Paris during the day, but if you want to make sure you don't miss out on the best sights, go for a walking tour!

They usually last about two hours, long enough to experience all of the best things Paris has to offer without being too tired. If you're feeling adventurous, go on a night tour and see all of the city's best light displays!


8. Stroll through the Jardin des Tuileries

stroll through the jardin des tuileries
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The Jardin des Tuileries is a beautiful park in Paris that's located between the Louvre Museum and the Place de la Concorde. It's a great place to relax and take a break from all of the sightseeing, and it's also home to several interesting sculptures and fountains.

9. Ride the Metro

ride the metro
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One of the best things to do in Paris is to try out the Metro, which is the best way to get around town if you don't have a car. The best part? It's really easy to learn how to ride it! Once you're on there, just keep your eyes peeled for some of the best murals that are painted on the walls of the stations.

10. Window shop on the Champs-Élysées.

window shop on the champs-élysées
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If you're looking for someplace to do some serious shopping, look no further than the Champs-Élysées. This famous street is home to some of the best shops in Paris, including Galeries Lafayette and Louis Vuitton, so you'll definitely find something that's within your budget.


11. Pay tribute at the Napoleonic tomb in Les Invalides.

pay tribute at the napoleonic tomb in les invalides
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Les Invalides is best known for housing the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte, but there are also several different museums that are located within this complex. The best one to check out is the Musée de l'Armée, which has a vast collection of weapons and armor from throughout history.

12. Walk across the Pont des Arts.

walk across the pont des arts
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The Pont des Arts is an iconic bridge in Paris that connects the Institut de France with the Louvre Museum on the right bank of the Seine River. It's best known for having padlocks that people attach to the bridge, but it's also a great place to go if you love taking gorgeous photos.

13. Explore some of best outdoor gardens in Paris.

explore some of best outdoor gardens in paris
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The best things to do in Paris include seeing some of the best outdoor spaces and gardens that the city has to offer. The best one to check out is the Jardin du Luxembourg, which is a large park that's home to a playground, a lake and several different statues.


14. Go on a river cruise.

go on a river cruise
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If you want to see Paris from a different perspective, go on a river cruise down the Seine River. You'll get to see some of the best things Paris has to offer, including Notre Dame Cathedral, the Eiffel Tower, and several other beautiful bridges.

Plus you get to eat a delicious three-course meal while you're out on the water!

Wrapping Up

Whether you're interested in experiencing the best museums, landmarks, or food this city has to offer—It's all here!

Don't forget that it would be rude not to try some of the delicious foods while you're there too, so don't miss out on sampling a few French dishes for yourself.

We hope these tips have been useful and we wish you well with your trip planning. Bon Voyage!

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