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October 19, 2022
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Juneau Travel Guide

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October 19, 2022
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The Juneau Travel Guide provides a comprehensive guide to the largest city in Alaska. This guide offers information on what to see and do in the city and is an encouraging starting point for a more adventure-filled trip. In addition, it highlights the best times to go to Juneau and provides tips for getting around.


About Juneau

Juneau is an Alaskan city with a rich history of booms and busts in many industries. It began as a lawless gold mining town, and is now home to people from many different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. There are many things to do in Juneau, including visiting local museums and galleries. Some of the museums feature old trade tools and early Alaskan stories. Visitors can also take a walking tour of downtown Juneau.

A walk through downtown Juneau's cobblestoned streets will take you past modern buildings and historic storefronts. You'll also find quaint homes from the gold-rush era. There's also an active waterfront with fishing boats and cruise ships. It's difficult to get to Juneau by land, but the city is well-connected by air, water taxi, and boat.

For those looking for more wilderness adventure, there are several floatplane and helicopter tours that can take you over the Juneau Icefield. Most helicopter tours also stop to land on the glacier, which can be a spectacular sight. The helicopter tour can cost up to $200 per person, and smaller airplane tours are less expensive.

Why Go to Juneau

If you love the outdoors, Juneau has plenty to offer. There are many places to hike and sightsee. The city is nestled within lush rainforest, and Mount Juneau, at 3,576 feet, is a great place to spot wildlife. Tourists can try to spot the local mountain goats, which weigh as much as 300 pounds and have hair on the top of their heads. The city receives a large amount of rain, which can contribute to its lush environment.

The weather in Juneau is unpredictable, but it's best to pack extra layers. You should wear a high-quality raincoat and take a hat with you. You may also want to take sunblock and gloves. Even if it's not raining, the air in Juneau can be cool, and the sun is often bright.

One of Juneau's biggest draws is its glacier, the Mendenhall Glacier, which extends up the valley. The glacier is currently on retreat, and can melt five meters (16 feet) a day in the summer. For those interested in exploring the glacier, you can go on a boat trip or even take a whale-watching tour.

Best Time to Go

If you're thinking about taking a trip to Juneau, you may be wondering when is the best time to go. The most popular time to go to Juneau is between May and August, which is the peak whale migration season. However, you can also visit Juneau during the off-season, when lodging and airfare prices are cheaper. During these months, you can also catch a glimpse of the northern lights, which will make your trip all the more memorable.

Juneau is an Alaskan town, so it's a good idea to pack for the weather. It's best to bring a rain jacket, extra warm layers, hats, gloves, and sunscreen. The weather is generally cool, but when it's not raining, you'll be treated to some bright sunshine.

While Juneau is a popular tourist destination, May is also the safest time to go. This is also the shoulder season, which means that the weather will not be as hot as in July and August. However, you'll find that this isn't the best time to go to Juneau if you're trying to avoid the summer crowds.


How to Get Around

If you're planning a trip to Juneau, Alaska, it's important to know how to get around. This picturesque town is surrounded by lush rainforest and is home to the 3,576-foot Mount Juneau. While you're exploring Juneau, look out for wild mountain goats. The animals can be as large as 300 pounds and have hair on their heads. In Juneau, it gets a lot of rain, so be prepared for that.

You can rent a car, ride a bike, or take a cab. Juneau has plenty of bike lanes and shared-use paths. If you're coming to the city on a budget, you can also find cheap commuter bikes on Craigslist. Alternatively, you can find a pedicab service, such as Alaska Pedicab-Juneau, that will shuttle you downtown for a dollar a minute. You can also purchase a full city tour for $100, which is a great way to see the city.

The city itself is small and easy to navigate on foot. It's within walking distance of most downtown attractions, including the State Capitol Building, the Saint Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church, several museums, and historic South Franklin Street. The Juneau Convention and Visitors Bureau also offers a walking tour map to guide you around town.

Best Restaurants

Juneau's food scene is intimate and sophisticated. It is infused with Pacific Islander and Filipino influences. Foodies will find a variety of international cuisines from Asian to American. The city is also home to two craft breweries: Devil's Club Brewing Company and Barnaby Crewing. Both offer rotating selections of craft beer. Beer flights are the best way to sample a number of brews.

A few of the best restaurants in Juneau are located outside of the downtown area. You can also find delicious food in the valley, Auke Bay, and Douglas Island. A few of these restaurants have even earned James Beard nods. They all serve unique dishes made with local ingredients. Whether you're a sports fan or just a curious passerby, make sure to check out these establishments for a unique dining experience.

While Juneau's nightlife is small, you'll find plenty of options for drinks, live music, and dancing. Almost all the nightlife options are within two blocks. Juneau's food and beverage scene is becoming increasingly sophisticated, similar to cities such as Vancouver and Seattle. You'll find a range of fine dining restaurants, casual cafes, and food trucks.

Things to Do

One of the best things to do in Juneau is take a scenic ride on the Mount Robert's Tram. This ride will take you through the rainforest, and you'll see a variety of native wildlife. The driver will point out local flora, as well as how the climate and geology have shaped the landscape. You'll also get a chance to view the town from a beautiful overlook. You can also visit the visitor center, where you can watch short films about Juneau's history and culture. The nature center also features an outdoor greenhouse, a gift shop, and a convention center.

The city's museums are another excellent way to spend your time. There are many interesting exhibits at the Juneau Museum. You can learn about the history of fishing in Juneau and about Native culture. You can also visit the Douglas Museum to learn more about the early history of fishing in Juneau and about the Tlingit culture. You can even make your own canoe and learn about the paddles and other equipment you'll need to fish with.


Neighborhoods to Know

When it comes to real estate in Juneau, there are many neighborhoods to choose from. Single-family homes, fixer-uppers, and new construction are all available. You can find everything from spacious lots that overlook the Mendenhall River to multi-family properties with excellent rental income potential.

West Juneau is a nice neighborhood with plenty of walking opportunities. It is just across the Gastineau Channel from Downtown Juneau. Dwellings in the area are often smaller, but they are close to all of the city's attractions. The Mendenhall Valley, also known as the Valley, is a more suburban community that offers a suburban feel but is still close to many of the city's attractions and amenities.

The Mendenhall Valley neighborhood is located in the shadow of Thunder Mountain and is located near several parks and trails. The area is also close to two elementary schools and Thunder Mountain High School, as well as two malls. You might even catch a glimpse of a black bear sleeping in your backyard!


The weather in Juneau can vary from sunny to rainy. It's important to dress in layers during all seasons. This includes a t-shirt, a sweatshirt, a fleece, and a waterproof outer layer. You should also wear sturdy, waterproof footwear. You can also plan your activities around the weather in Juneau.

Juneau is located in the Alaska Time Zone, which is one hour ahead of Pacific Time. It also observes Daylight Savings Time, making summer days longer and shorter than in winter. Juneau's temperature typically varies between 25 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. In contrast, the shortest day of the year - December 21 - is only six hours, twenty minutes long.

The average temperature is around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The shortest time of the year to see snow is around July 17. However, the hottest day of the year typically occurs in late July. The city gets plenty of sunshine during the summer months. The winter months are mild and are generally without a lot of precipitation.

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